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    Exceptional Versatility
    - Can operate with Argon or Helium as carrier gas
    - Preinstalled methods selectable in an instant
    - Controllable from PC with DUMAsoft™ software
    - Powerful, clear and detailed reporting software
    - Data storable in multiple formats for LIMS or PC

    High Productivity
    - Flash determination of nitrogen & protein content
    - Automated analysis of preloaded samples (117 positions)
    - Totally unsupervised operation
    - Results produced 24/7/365

    High Performance
    - Unmatched LOD (0.001 mg N (using He) - 0.01 mg N (using Ar))
    - RSD less than 0.5% with EDTA standard
    - Conforms to Good Laboratory Practice standard
    - Leak tests (zone or total) ensure optimum performance

    Economical Operation
    - LoGas™ TCD with no reference gas required
    - Exceptionally low cost per analysis
    - Low energy consumption
    - Lowest operator costs

    Environmentally Friendly
    - Minimum possible waste & residues
    - Optimized life of consumables
    - Incorporates TEMS™ technology*

    *Saving Time, Energy, Money & Space

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